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1) Be nice

2) No sexual stuff, you'll get banned if you try!

3) colors cant be to bright, change it when you get a warning

4) quirks must be readable, warning then ban

5) No G-Modding

6) Death, killing other people's character or suicide is a no-no

7) Fighting is allowed

8) No honking please

9) No emotes

10) Do not break anything

OP's are needed for setting changes, rule breakers, Rude people and Little issues. Let the OPs do their jobs.

Monday: Japanese Wonderland! Bus for this day:

Tuesday: Rain forest day! There is no bus for this day, because there are no roads!

Wednesday: Creepy Pasta Day! Creepy pasta themes change. CP's are allowed! Bus for this day: Inside:

Thursday: FNAF's Day! This is the day that dawnBot and fawnBot get into the RP! dawnBot the Adorable Arctic Fox and fawnBot The Little Deer.

Friday: This day is a random RP day. Anything can happen. this is also a no rule day! so have fun!!

Saturday: Anime/Twitch day. On this day, you can share anime's or twitch people that are streaming! also a OOC day

Sunday: This is a fuck around day, Do what ever, Lazy day or just talk day.

The bus!

Its a large bus that can change form with the hit of a button. Other then the days of RP themes. it is normally a large, yellow school bus

The seats are worn down and some springs are coming up from them. the window in the back is cracked and the door creeks.

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